Exmoor Historic Signposts Project

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This is a two year project funded through the Heritage Lottery fund (HLF), Exmoor National Park Authority and Somerset County Council. The aim is to record, refurbish, celebrate and explore the history of Exmoor National Park’s traditional signposts. The project was prompted by the concern of local communities about the state of some signposts in their areas and a desire to preserve and celebrate the distinctive character of the historic signs which are a much valued part of the Exmoor landscape.

You can now access all the relevant Risk Assessments and supporting documentation here

You can now explore signpost locations on our interactive signpost map

We are recruiting volunteers to help with the following:

  • To carry out surveys of the general condition of individual signposts using either paper recording forms or an electronic version, and photos
  • To clean and repaint those signposts which need minor refurbishment
  • To research the history of signposts in conjunction with the Exmoor Society

For signposts that are in need of more major restoration, or are located in hazardous positions, then contractors will be employed to help out.

What can the project offer?

  • Training to cover:
    • health and safety
    • how to complete the survey forms
    • methodology for repainting signposts
    • historical research with the Exmoor Society to cover written, photographic and oral sources 
  • Funding to cover the cost of equipment 
  • Support and guidance from the project officer to include delivery of paint and equipment, help with forms and liaison with Somerset County Council Highways team. 

Next Steps

If you would like to become involved with this project then please contact:

Charlotte Thomas

Historic Signpost Project Officer

Exmoor National Park Authority

Exmoor House, Dulverton, Somerset TA22 9HL

Tel:  01398 322259


You can find out more about the specific role by clicking on the link below

Historic Signpost Refurbishment Volunteer