Natural Environment Record

Natural Environment Record

The Natural Environment Record (NER) is Exmoor’s repository for biological information, comprised of wildlife data collected from throughout the National Park. Predominantly, these documents are unpublished reports, but also include valuable datasets and records within its catalogue. This record highlights the inordinate amount of biodiversity data that has been collected by the Exmoor National Park Authority (ENPA) and partner organisations, listing over 900 documents in total.  This easy searchable system provides an invaluable resource helping to provide a more comprehensive understanding of Exmoor’s Natural Environment.

The NER is very much a multi-agency contribution of information, which has been sourced from charities, government bodies, Local Environmental Record Centres (LERCs), national schemes & societies, research institutions, members of the public, and the National Park Authority itself.  A number of organisations help to oversee and advise on biodiversity conservation within the Park through the Nature Conservation Advisory Panel including Devon Biodiversity Records Centre (DBRC), Somerset Environmental Records Centre (SERC), Natural England (NE), Environment Agency (EA), South West Water (SWW), Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), Butterfly Conservation (BC), National Trust (NT) and Exmoor Natural History Society (ENHS).


Natural Environment Record Mapping

Click on the interactive map to find information on Exmoor’s wildlife habitats, species and designations. Find out what wildlife reports have been written relating to geographical areas within the National Park.

Some Wildlife Highlights

Red Deer

Red deer have survived on Exmoor since pre-historic times. Exmoor was once a Royal Forest with strict Forest Law which protected the deer in order to maintain a supply of venison and a hunting ground for the king.
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Exmoor Ponies

Although not truly "wild". Our Exmoor ponies play an important role in keeping Exmoor's moorlands in good condition.
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Exmoor is one of the most important areas in the UK for butterflies and you can see them all on our beautiful id guide
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The latest on twitter from the Wildlife Team

Here are some upcoming events that might be particularly suitable for people who are interested in Exmoor's wildlife. Or you can browse all events here

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Ralegh's Cross in winter

Ralegh's Cross Inn
18th Jan 2019 9:45am
This 3 1/2 hour walk visits the Winding House and the iron mines near Beulah Cha...
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Lazy Sunday Lunch and walk around Exford

Exford main Car Park
27th Jan 2019 1:00pm-4:00pm

Snowdrop Valley

Wheddon Cross Car Park (The Rest & Be Thankful Inn)
2nd Feb 2019 - 3rd Mar 2019

Birds, bogs and barrows: A walk at Hangley Cleave

Meet at Ashcombe car park, Simonsbath
16th Feb 2019 2:00pm-6:00pm

Night Hike and Farmhouse Supper

Exford main Car Park
16th Feb 2019 6:00pm-10:00pm

North Hill Guided Walk

Follow signs out of Minehead to North Hill, as you drive up Hill Road, you will see a caravan/camp site on your right, continue on and then there is a large concrete area on your right. This is called the Marshaling Yard, please park here and meet walk leader Alan.
17th Feb 2019 10:30am-12:00pm

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