Enjoying Exmoor's Woodlands

There are over 9,000 ha of woodlands to be explored in Exmoor National Park. Full of nature, heritage and scientific interest, there is something to delight everyone. The woodlands are scattered across the park, often in deep valleys, or along the steep coastal cliffs. Many of the woodlands are accessible on public rights of way, and include some of the long distance walking routes, such as the South West Coast Path and the Coleridge Way. 

We own a number of woodlands within the park, which are ready to be explored. There are several other organisations which look after some of the largest blocks of woodland on Exmoor. These organisations include:

The National Trust own some woodlands near Porlock such as the National Nature Reserve of Horner Wood, as well as woodlands near Lynton and Lynmouth such as at Watersmeet and Hunter's Inn.

The Forestry Commission manage large areas of mostly coniferous woodland such as Croydon Hill near Timberscombe and Chargot Wood near Luxborough.

Below is a gallery of woodland images from Flickr.

Here are some upcoming events that might be particularly suitable for people who are interested in enjoying Exmoor's woodland. Or you can browse all events here

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Dark Skies Festival Events (various)

Various locations around Exmoor
20th Oct 2018
Exmoor Dark Skies Festival 2018 has events running throughout the festival perio...
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Ralegh's Cross Long Walk

Ralegh's Cross Inn Car Park
20th Oct 2018 9:45am-3:45pm

Brilliant Bats Trail

Arlington Court
20th Oct 2018 11:00am-4:00pm

Dark Skies Festival Events (various)

Various locations around Exmoor
20th Oct 2018

Morning Deer Walks

Arlington Court Grounds
21st Oct 2018 8:30am-10:30am

Morning Deer Walks

Arlington Court Estate
14th Oct 2018 8:30am-10:30am