Calling all wildlife enthusiasts

Volunteers survey training National Park volunteers and staff on survey training day. Photo by P. Watts-Mabbott

Otter survey training, butterfly workshops, wildflower identification and ‘going batty at Tarr Steps’ are just some of the events on offer for would-be wildlife volunteers in Exmoor National Park.

The National Park Authority is offering training for existing and potential volunteers in an interesting and varied programme throughout the year with the chance to learn everything from lichen and fungi identification to dormouse and butterfly surveys. The events aim to cater for people with a range of abilities and interest levels with some events at an introductory and advanced level being held on separate days.

Bea Davis, conservation officer at Exmoor National Park says: “We hope that the events will be of interest to people who would like to learn more about the wildlife of the National Park and particularly those who would like to help by taking part in surveys. For instance the otter survey training on Saturday 23rd March is primarily for people who might be willing to come and help with a two-day survey of all Exmoor rivers for otters at the end of April.”

The events are led by a mixture of experts from the National Park Authority, specialist project staff, key members of local specialist wildlife groups and enthusiastic local volunteers with expert knowledge.

More information on volunteering can be found at: or by calling Patrick Watts-Mabbott, volunteer co-ordinator, on 07973 727469.


Published: 26 February 2013

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