A Statement on the Economy of Exmoor

A Statement On the Economy of Exmoor (PDF 1Mb)

Annual Report

Statement of Accounts 2013-14 (PDF 1.1MB)
Statement of Accounts 2012-13 (PDF 1MB)
Statement of Accounts 2011-12 (PDF 724KB)
Statement of Accounts 2011-12 (PDF 724KB)
Statement of Accounts 2010-11 (PDF 790KB)
Statement of Accounts 2009-10 (PDF 1.63MB)
Statement of Accounts 2008-09 (PDF 1.46MB)
Statement of Accounts 2007-08 (PDF 589KB)
Statement of Accounts 2006-07 (PDF 112KB)

Audit of Accounts: Notice of Public Rights (PDF)

Publications of Items of Spend Over £500

Auditor's Reports

Audit Findings Report 2013-2014 (PDF 214KB)
Audit Findings Report 2012-2013 (PDF 628KB)
Annual Governance Report 2011-12 (PDF 366 KB)
Annual Governance Report 2010-11 (PDF 350KB)
Annual Governance Report 2009-10 (PDF 773KB)
Annual Governance Report 2008-09 (PDF 275 KB)
Annual Governance Report 2007-08 (PDF 253KB)
International Standards of Auditing (ISA) 260  Report to those Charged with Governance (PDF,186KB)
Annual Audit Letter 2002-03 (PDF, 158kb) Nov 2003

Business Plan 2011/12 (PDF, 2.3MB)

Work Programme 2010/11 (PDF, 734KB) Service Plan 2010/11 (PDF, KB) Business and Improvement Plan 2010/11(PDF, 1.6MB)

Work Programme 2009/10 (PDF,282KB),  Service Plan 2009/10 (PDF, 236KB),Objectives, Resources and Performance 2009/10 (PDF, 403KB)

Other Reports

Summary of Research Woodland Strategy (PDF, 25kb)

Summary of Research Moorland Strategy (PDF, 25kb)

Exmoor National Park Authority BAP Leaflet(PDF,385KB)

Exmoor Explained (PDF, 413KB)

Exmoor National Park 2001 Census Monitor (PDF, 241kb): Census monitors have been prepared for the National Park area every ten years since the 1971 census. Presented here are the key results and issues relating to the recent 2001 census. Adobe Acrobat Reader will be required to view this document. Produced by Brian Pearce of Exmoor National Park Authority -

Exmoor Golden Jubilee Moorland Review

Moorland at a Crossroads: The State of the Moorlands of Exmoor, 2004 Full Report (PDF, 3Mb), Summary Report (PDF, 0.5Mb)
Historic Environment (PDF, 135kb)
Invertebrates (PDF, 165kb)
Birds (PDF, 146kb)
Report on Exmoor Moorland Seminar 19 10 04(PDF, 125kb)
Recreation - Student Project Report (PDF, 109kb)

Exmoor Local Access Forum

Annual Report 2012 (PDF 306KB)
Annual Report 2011 (PDF 243KB)
Annual Report 2010 (PDF 147KB)
Annual Report 2009 (PDF 136KB)
Annual Report 2008 (PDF 1.2MB)

Exmoor Local Plan Review

Issues Report: Exmoor Local Plan PDF  (PDF, 753kb).

The State of Farming on Exmoor

The State of Farming on Exmoor  PDF (PDF, 3Mb)

Exmoor State of Tourism Report's and visitor research

Please see the Research page in the Information for Tourism Providers section for all tourism related research and reports.

Flooding and the River Barle Catchment:  Exeter University Report on Flooding and the River Barle Catchment

Freedom of Information Act 2000: ENPA Publication Scheme
Freedom of information Act 2000 PDF  (PDF, 110kb)

Landscape Character Assessment

Landscape Character Assessment 2007

Landscape Character Assessment Draft Consultation Report October 2006 (PDF, 5MB)

Front Cover (PDF, 43kb), Final Report (PDF, 147kb), Accompanying photo sheets (PDF, 2.3Mb)
Figure1: Landscape Character Types (PDF, 1.9Mb)
Figure2: Landscape Character Types and Indicative Character Areas (PDF, 1.9Mb)

Rights of Way

Public Rights of Way Annual Report 2009-2010 (PDF,2MB)

Rural Housing Project

Rural Housing Project Leaflet : A guide about the project and how it could help