Working for Exmoor National Park Authority

 Exmoor National Park Authority provides a range of services to residents and visitors to the National Park. Around 80 staff work for the Exmoor National Park Authority. They include rangers, advisers at our National Park Centres, forestry and estate teams, planners, conservation advisers and archaeologists.

The National Park Authority's staff are organised to support our key communities:

Support to Land Managers:   Owners and managers of land and heritage assets
Support to Communities:  People who live, work and run businesses in the National Park
Support to National Park Users: People who make use of the opportunities for learning and enjoyment, both   residents and visitors

Customer service and corporate support staff (e.g. Finance, HR; Member Services) working at our head office help provide the infrastructure and support that is essential to delivering the vision and priorities for Exmoor.

Advertising our vacancies
Vacancies for positions with Exmoor National Park Authority (ENPA) are advertised on this website and will also  be advertised in the local press, relevant external websites or publications as appropriate for each vacancy.

Applying for a job with ENPA

P1030351All vacancies advertised for ENPA require the completion of an application form. The information provided in an application form is the only information we will use in deciding whether or not you will be short listed for the selection process. (Please do not send in either CV's or testimonials as these will not be taken into consideration.) Your application form is therefore very important. It is essential that you read the job description and person specification we provide for a vacancy and use your form to tell us how you match the requirements of the post. If you have any questions or difficulties in completing the application form please contact the Corporate and Customer Support team on 01398 322231.

Selecting candidates for interview

Shortlisting is carried out as soon as possible after the closing date. A minimum of two people will normally shortlist. The criteria used for shortlisting is consistently applied to all candidates. It is done by measuring the information supplied by the candidates against the person specification and job description.  References will normally be obtained at the shortlisting stage, unless a candidate specifically requests otherwise.

There is no maximum or minimum number of candidates who will be shortlisted. The reasons for shortlisting and rejecting candidates will be recorded and kept for twelve months.

The application form is not used as a test for literacy, unless literacy is a genuine requirement of the job. If the person specification specifically states the need for good written communication skills do note that it will be important for you to consider how your content and writing style will be assessed.

If you are short-listed you will be asked to attend an interview, normally at Exmoor House in Dulverton. We will aim to give candidates 7 days notice of an interview unless the date has been previously stated. Dependent upon the nature of the post, short-listed candidates may be asked to undertake written exercises or a relevant work-based test or prepare and deliver a presentation as part of the interview process. Should this be the case, you will be informed of the specific requirements in the letter inviting you to attend for interview. Interviews will be conducted by at least two people.

At the interview, the panel will ask questions which are intended to allow you to expand on your application and to demonstrate the extent to which you meet the requirements of the post. You will have the opportunity to ask questions.

There may be a requirement for second interview for a smaller selection of candidates.

Interview Assessments
Professionally designed selection tests can provide an objective and relatively accurate way of assessing key skills which are difficult to measure in an interview. Techniques are available to assess a wide range of skills and aptitudes at all levels. Examples include verbal reasoning, checking skills, numerical computation, clarification, personality and behaviour assessment. These techniques will only be used and interpreted by qualified and experienced assessors and there will be an opportunity for you to receive feedback following the tests. Such techniques are best used when the job details and the person specification show that it is essential to determine that a candidate has specific abilities, aptitudes or behaviour. Other types of tests can be used to provide alternative means of assessing candidates. These can include asking for a written report, a presentation, grouped discussion exercises and in-tray exercises.

Equal Opportunities
As a service provider and local employer, Exmoor National Park Authority is committed to promoting equal opportunities and tackling social exclusion in everything it does. The Authority recognises its statutory equality duties under legislation in terms of service provision and employment and is committed to meet them.

The Authority is a Disability Symbol user and as such ensures that all candidates meeting the minimum requirements of the post who declare a disability on their application form will be guaranteed an interview and we will be happy to make reasonable adjustments to our recruitment processes to accomodate individual needs. More information about our approach to equality in employment can be found within the Authority's Equality Pages.

The Authority has also signed the Charter for Employers who are Positive About Mental Health. The Charter is a voluntary agreement seeking to support employers in working within the spirit of its positive approach. It's not an accreditation or a set of quality standards nor a policy or target but about working towards the principles of it  The Charter is just one part of the MINDFUL EMPLOYER® initiative aimed at increasing awareness of mental health at work and providing ongoing support for employers in the recruitment and retention of staff.

The Authority may be able to offer a reasonable financial contribution to help candidates attend an interview. If you require assistance, please let us know as soon as you receive your invitation to interview. Please do not incur any expenses you wish to claim a contribution towards without contacting us first.

Recruitment and Development
Selection of the successful candidate will take place as soon as possible following completion of the interviews and receipt of references. If an offer of a post is made you will be required to complete a medical questionnaire which will be sent to the Occupational Health Physician. An appointment with the Occupational Health team may be necessary to establish whether the role can be taken without reasonable adjustment or, if adjustment is required, what the Authority may reasonably do to help you take up the role successfully.

A comprehensive induction programme will be designed for the new employee to prepare them to take on their new role and integrate into the Authority as effectively as possible. Ongoing learning opportunities are provided including, where appropriate, support for relevant academic, professional and vocational qualifications. The Authority has been awarded Investor in People Status.

Unpaid Work Placements with Exmoor National Park Authority

We recognise the value of offering work placements to students and those returning to the workplace.

For the person on the placement, periods spent within a workplace can form an essential part of their eduction or return to work by:

  • Helping to identify the most suitable type of work for them
  • Providing work experience in a work environment
  • Developing new skills or updating old ones
  • Building confidence

As a host employer, the Authority benefits as a placement can:

  • Help achieve objectives linked to the National Park purposes
  • Provide an opportunity to increase the understanding of the special qualities of the National Park and the work of the Authority
  • Develop links and raise our profile with local and national communities such as schools, universities and community groups
  • Increase the future applicant pool for jobs within the Authority
  • Provide an opportunity to exchange knowledge and best practice

However, as a small organisation, ENPA is only able to offer a small number of placements each year and there are age restrictions on some types of placement.  Staff who offer to supervise individuals on work experience placements do so voluntarily with the full support and appreciation of the Authority.  Individuals may apply for one of the following types of placement:

Work Shadowing

This type of placement is normally offered to those under the Minimum School Leaving Age (MSLA).  During a work shadowing placement the placement holder accompanies and observes an employee during their working day and undertakes low risk activities.  This allows the placement holder to gain a greater understanding of the role the employee(s) perform and of the Authority as a whole. 

Work Experience

This type of placement may be offered to young people over 16 years and adults.  During a work experience placement the placement holder may accompany and observe an employee but will also take part in work activities.  Activities undertaken will depend on age and experience of the placement holder but may include anything from basic administrative tasks to running a small project.

Due to the nature of their work, placements with the Rangers (or other staff working in remote/lone working environments) can only be offered to those aged 18 or over.

If you are interested in a work placement with Exmoor National Park Authority, please contact Rachel Oxenham, Corporate and Customer Support Manager, with details of the type of placement you are interested in, what you would like to gain from the experience and the dates you are available to attend.  Please state your age if under 18 years old.