CareMoor Events Supporters

Exmoor National Park hosts a variety of events each year.

We ask all events to make a donation of £1 per participant to our CareMoor scheme. Contributions to CareMoor help sustain and widen access, as well as supporting conservation work in the National Park that maintains the wonderful Exmoor landscape, the backdrop to events.

As a CareMoor supporter we can help promote your event and provide media opportunities, giant cheque photocalls and social media posts, as a way of recognising your contribution to helping keep Exmoor special.

Every event has an environmental impact and by partnering with CareMoor we can help you off-set that impact by giving back to the landscape that makes your events so special.

We are happy to explore individual arrangements with you  as an event organiser and to tailor our promotional and marketing support to meet your needs, within the limits of our capacity. Feel free to get in touch to discuss your event and how a partnership with CareMoor can help.

Details of the events that have signed up to CareMoor can be found on the CareMoor Events Map below.

If you would like to sign up to CareMoor as an event organiser you can get in touch via or calling us on 01398 322237.