Tourism in Exmoor National Park

Every year Exmoor National Park welcomes over 2 million visitors, attracted by the wide ranging special qualities of natural beauty, wildlife cultural heritage and the varied recreational opportunities afforded to visitors. It is estimated that tourism on Exmoor brings in over £90m to the economy and creates the equivalent of over 2000 full time jobs (approximately 20% of Exmoor’s entire population!).

This section is designed to provide information and support to those working within the tourism industry within the National Park.


Visitor surveys, economic impact and other research regarding tourism on Exmoor.


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CareMoor review - have your say!

We are currently undertaking a review of CareMoor for Exmoor and we would love to know your views. Please take a look at the review documents and get in contact with any views by the end of November:

Summary of review proposals (PDF)

Full review report (PDF)

Email or call Philip Kiberd, Funding Officer on 01398 322237 or Dan James, Sustainable Economy Manager, 01398 322234.

It is clear that tourism has a major role in sustaining the local economy and communities of Exmoor. Indeed, whilst the first statutory purpose of the National Park is to conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage of the area, the second purpose is to promote opportunities for the public understanding and enjoyment of the special qualities of the area.

However tourism has an environmental and social impact. The landscape is fragile and issues such as erosion, congestion, litter, careless use of the countryside and pollution can lead to problems. This is why we all need to strive to make our use of the Park more sustainable; If not the very qualities that make Exmoor special today could be lost tomorrow.

The agreed position statement of the English National Park Authorities Association on sustainable tourism can be read here.