18th Exmoor Archaeology Forum: Mires, Miniliths and Monuments


Date: 13th Oct 2018 10:00am-4:30pm
Archaeological research on Exmoor’s peatlands, undertaken as part of the Exmoor Mires Partnership, will be the morning focus of our 18th Exmoor Archaeology Forum. Palaeo-environmental, earthwork and geophysical survey results will be presented as part of a multi-disciplinary study of the prehistoric landscapes and settlements of Codsend Moor. An analysis of the efforts of the Knights to ‘improve’ the former Royal Forest will look at the palaeo-environmental evidence and compare the field remains with the documentary archive uncovered in 2016. In the afternoon, the condition of our oldest monuments, Exmoor’s ‘miniliths’, will be examined through the results of our 2017-2018 condition survey and the national perspective of our stone rows will be discussed. To conclude the day, a summary of other recent work will be presented with the final year results of the project to research and conserve some of our most recent historic assets: traditional signposts. Speakers include Ross Dean, Prof. Ralph Fyfe, Dr Sandy Gerrard, Havananda Ombashi and Hazel Riley as well as members of staff from ENPA: Shirley Blaylock, Jack Fuller, Dr Martin Gillard and Charlotte Thomas. Please visit the website link to book a place. Registration begins at 10.00am, with presentations commencing at 10.30am.

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Location: Brushford Parish Hall TA22 9AH
Booking: Booking essential
Charge: £17.00, including lunch
Contact: 01398 322289

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