Exmoor Postal Routes pre 1970


Date: 10th May 2018 7:30pm
Historically Exmoor has not been easy to navigate, being largely rural with few roads, a dispersed population and some rugged upland terrain. However, since the nineteenth century, postal workers have delivered across the moor to some very isolated farmsteads. After World War I, the delivery process across the UK became increasingly mechanised with delivery by van and bicycle taking over from foot and horse deliveries. However, on Exmoor the state of the roads meant that horseback and "shanks pony" deliveries persisted for much longer. The Exmoor Society has been tracing these routes and their history. Posties provided much more than just the mail - they were a point of contact for rural inhabitants, bringing with them news and sometimes bread, newspapers and medicines. They are a key part of Exmoor's social history and this talk will explore some of their stories.

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Location: Congrgational Church Hall, Chapel Street, Dulverton TA22 9HF
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