Exmoor's Environment

The moorland, woodland, streams and farmland of Exmoor support a great diversity of wildlife including herds of wild red deer, rich lichen communities, rare butterflies, bats, and other species uncommon in southern Britain.Salmon still return from years at sea to travel up rivers such as the Exe and Barle to the same spawning grounds they hatched from.

The landscape of Exmoor tells the story of how people have lived in, exploited and enjoyed Exmoor over the last 8000 years. Burial mounds on high ridges, unique and ancient patterns of standing stones, cliff top Roman forts, astonishingly preserved medieval villages and incredible Victorian industrial engineering are all here to be explored.

Latest Environment News 

  • Tree Phenology survey
    Exmoor-wide survey of timings of spring leaf burst for selected trees.
  • Woodlands and Climate
    How Exmoor's woodlands could be affected by climate change in future. How trees and woodlands can help combat climate change. Ecological site classification tool.
  • Woodland Wildlife
    Wildlife in Exmoor's woodlands
  • Phytophthora Ramorum
    Information on Phytophthora ramorum disease and what the Forestry Commission is doing.
  • Special Trees
    Exmoor has some of the rarest, tallest, highest and oldest trees in the UK


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