Landscape Perceptions

A joint project by the Exmoor National Park Authority and the Exmoor Society 

What is the Exmoor Landscape Perceptions Study?

The Exmoor Landscape Character Assessment (completed in 2007) identified nine distinctive landscape types within the National Park, which include Open Moorland, Incised Wooded Valleys, Coastal Heaths and Enclosed Farmland.  The Landscape Perceptions Study was completed over a 12 month period and set out to gather complementary information on how members of the public perceive each of Exmoor’s nine landscape types, how they describe and value each one and how the landscape affects how they feel when they are there.  A survey was used to record individuals' responses to questions concerning their view on past, present and future change in the landscape.  Results of the study will assist in directing the work of the National Park Authority, and will also inform national research into the value of landscapes. 

How was the study performed?

The survey period commenced in June 2010.  A a total of 11 survey sites were selected throughout Exmoor National Park.  Locations were chosen with good public access and views that best represent the character of each landscape type. With the assistance of a number of skilled and enthusiastic volunteers it was possible to gather the data  needed to complete the study. The results have been processed and analysed by Fiona Fyfe of Living Landscapes Consultancy.

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