Trees and Woodlands 

From the luxuriant oak woods of the deep river valleys to the extensive plantations of east Exmoor or from the ancient trees of Nettlecombe to rare endemic Whitebeams, Exmoor boasts an unrivalled history and diversity of trees and woodlands. The coastal woodlands, which extend to the shoreline in places, are unique in the region and we also have a significant proportion of the UK and world total of the remaining western oak woods.

There is around 8500 ha of woodland on Exmoor, which is around 12% of the land area. Despite the striking beauty of the high open moorland, trees and woodlands remain one of the defining characteristics of the Exmoor landscape.

Recommended Woodland Walks

watersmeet and the cleaves

Watersmeet and the Cleaves (5 miles)


Tarr Steps from Dulverton (12 miles)