Forestry Commission Grants 

English Woodland Grant Scheme (EWGS)

The Forestry Commission operate the English Woodland Grant Scheme (EWGS) which is available throughout the region. This scheme is broken down into five separate grants which support different elements of woodland creation and management. The aim of the EWGS is to sustain and increase the public benefits given by existing woodlands and help create new woodlands to deliver additional public benefit. By clicking on each of the grants below you can view the relevant page on the Forestry Commission website.

  • Woodland Assessment Grant - Gathering information to improve management decisions.
  • Woodland Planning Grant - Preparation of plans that assist with management of the woodland and meet the UK Woodland Assurance Standard.
  • Woodland Regeneration Grant - Supporting desirable change in woodland composition through natural regeneration and restocking after felling.
  • Woodland Improvement Grant - Enhance and sustain an increase in the quantity and quality of public benefits delivered.
  • Woodfuel Improvement Grant NEW. As of October 2011, this grant supports the sustainable production of woodfuel and other timber products. 
  • Woodland Management Grant - Contribution to additional costs of providing and sustaining higher-quality public benefits from existing woodlands.
  • Woodland Creation GrantNEW grant criteria from mid-2012. Encouraging the creation of new woodlands where they deliver the greatest public benefits, particularly along river catchment systems and by extending native woodlands.