Education Manager: Dave Gurnett

Dave Gurnett joined the National Park Authority in 1989 after teaching in schools in Bridgwater and London, while at the same time trying to play rugby to the highest standard that he could. He actually played for the London Welsh, which seems to suggest that he got the hang of it!

Returning to Exmoor, where his family live, and getting what he describes as “such a great job” was a question of being in the right place at the right time – with the right qualifications. Dave is often asked how to get a job in the environmental field and he suggests getting as many qualifications as you can, doing some volunteering and anything else that may provide the right experience.

Dave says: “I am a strong advocate of experiential teaching, having taken thousands of youngsters on ‘wildlife safaris’ and will do all I can to help students and teachers to visit our fantastic countryside.”


Education Manager  Dave Gurnett  - Tel 07970099117


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