Learning about Exmoor

We publish a range of educational material to support the National Curriculum as well as a more thematic approach to understanding Exmoor, it’s past,  present and future. Our educational publications (Filex) provide valuable information to students and teachers. This information can be used throughout the school curriculum, either as background information or for planning more detailed enquiries. If you have a more detailed enquiry please ask, we will do our best to help. Filex is in the process of being updated which means that information on the National Park Authority and recreation and tourism figures are currently not available.

To view information on all UK National Parks go to www.nationalparks.gov.uk/learningabout . Here you can discover the range of activity that is available and issues that can be studied in National Parks up and down the country.
Should you want to come and stay, follow the link to find out about the National Park Authority's Outdoor Education Centre at Pinkery. Pinkery accommodates and offers groups a wide range of activities and courses in a unique setting just south of the Exmoor Chains.