CareMoor for Exmoor

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Exmoor is one of the most unique landscapes in the country - what’s more it is free to explore and experience. However we all have some kind of impact on the environmental qualities of Exmoor and CareMoor for Exmoor is a unique opportunity to contribute in a small way to enhancing the Exmoor experience for all for many years to come.

If every visitor to the National Park gave just £1 we could raise around £2 million each year for Exmoor.

What is CareMoor for Exmoor?

CareMoor for Exmoor is the Authority donation scheme for Exmoor National Park. It offers everyone who has been inspired by Exmoor an opportunity to contribute to the upkeep of the environment of the National Park and its future.

How does CareMoor work?

CareMoor for Exmoor encourages donations from individuals and groups through participating businesses and events. Funds collected are used for conservation project on Exmoor and to maintain and enhance access within the National Park.

Why is CareMoor needed?

Exmoor National Park is a unique landscape with a wonderful diversity of woodland, moorland, coastal paths, picturesque villages, working farms and market towns. A rich and varied wildlife from butterflies to otters is sheltered under an International Dark Skies Reserve. The draw of Exmoor has an impact on the environment and facilities provided. Donations to CareMoor for Exmoor help mitigate those impacts by funding projects that conserve wildlife and heritage and maintain access for all.

What difference does CareMoor make?

CareMoor for Exmoor connects people with the places and the things they love. Whether small donations or bigger gifts contributions to CareMoor provide the funding for practical work to protect wildlife and habitats, conserve heritage and maintain pathways to ensure the National Park’s special qualities are available for everyone.

Visit the How donations are used page to see the difference donations make and the special projects we are raising money for.

How can you get involved?

As a local business or group you are the perfectly placed to collect donations, identify projects and help promote the scheme. Whatever your business or organisation becoming a CareMoor for Exmoor supporter can work successfully for both you and the local environment. Whether you want host a collection box or offer an opt-in or opt-out donation or would like to suggest a different way of fundraising details of becoming a CareMoor Supporter can be found below. Simply adding the logo to website or literature helps us promote the scheme - you can find details here.

You can find information on the scheme for visitors and those wanting to donate under our Enjoying pages.

Find information on...

Introduction to CareMoor for Businesses and Organisations 

Find out how you can get involved with CareMoor for Exmoor as a businesses or organisations and how CareMoor for Exmoor can help you.
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CareMoor and Events on Exmoor

Planning an event on Exmoor? Read about the benefits of inviting a donation to CareMoor for Exmoor. Remember to contact the Access and Recreation Team to check any access and rights of ways permissions.
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Collection Boxes

Details about our National Park leaflet guide collection boxes.
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