Partnership Fund

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The Partnership Fund is available to support projects that help to achieve National Park purposes. It is open to communities, businesses and individuals, as well as to internal applications.

While the overarching focus of the fund is the achievement of National Park purposes there is a weighting to projects that also provide community and economic benefits.

Applicants can apply for funding up to £2500 via the forms available online Click here for application details.

If you are looking for funding above £2500 please contact the Funding Officer to discuss your project and any support that might be available.

Essential Criteria

To qualify for funding a project must:

A) Further one or both National Park purposes:

  1. Conservation and enhancement of the wildlife, natural beauty and culture heritage.
  2. Promotion of opportunities for public understanding and enjoyment of the special qualities of Exmoor.

B) Contribute to the achievement of objectives set out in the Exmoor National Park Partnership Plan

C) Demonstrate community involvement or support

D) Comply with state aid rules.

Desirable Criteria

In addition to the Essential Criteria listed above, weighting will be given to those projects that demonstrate:

  1. tangible economic and community benefits;
  2. that other funding has been sought / has little access to other public funding;
  3. lasting benefits beyond the initial funding period;
  4. innovation or the use of best practice;
  5. opportunities for others to learn from the project.

Funding Support

Support of up to £2500 is available, and there is no minimum amount.

The level of investment for non-commercial projects led by voluntary / charitable groups is normally up to 75% of total project costs and commercial / profit making organisations up to of 50% of project costs. Applicants will be expected to explore other funding opportunities which can add value to Exmoor National Park funding.

In-kind contributions are acceptable as match-funding, and can include: volunteer time, loan of equipment or facilities, and services provided free of charge. You will need to provide a cost on which these contributions are based and evidence them when you make claims.

While each application will be considered on its own merits the fund is competitive and a final decision on funding support will be determined by the Chief Executive.

All offers will be time-limited by when the project has to be completed and final claims submitted.

Applications should be made on the forms available online (hard copies are also available on request). In addition, a project / business plan may be requested for any application if:

  • The application is of a commercial nature or a new and ongoing income stream to sustain the project alongside any National Park investment is required;
  • The project is particularly complex in its delivery or the request is for a contribution towards a larger project.