Moor To Enjoy Project

Moor to Enjoy Project

Why We Exist

There is growing evidence that being in 'green space' is great for both physical and mental health. National Parks have an important role to play in wellbeing, and the Moor to Enjoy Project aims to connect local groups, wishing to increase the health and wellbeing of their members, with the natural resources that Exmoor National Park provides to be able to achieve this.

What We Aim to Achieve

Over a three year period (2015-2017) the project aims to increase the confidence of visiting groups, help them overcome barriers, and increase their knowledge of what is available on Exmoor. In the second year of the project we will also launch a 'green prescription scheme', working with Dunster surgery to improve the wellbeing of patients suffering low mood.

What We Have Achieved So Far

At the end of year one, we pooled the results of survey's that the groups completed after each visit, and discovered that they had benefited in the following ways:

30% of participants are more physically active than on an average day

71% reported having been more sociable than on an average day

79% said they were more relaxed after visiting Exmoor

88% said visiting Exmoor had lifted their spirits

Read the case study for more information

The Five Ways to Wellbeing

We use the Five Ways to Wellbeing (developed by the New Economics Foundation) with groups, to empower them to make the changes in their lives that will help them become more resilient to life's stresses. Exmoor provides opportunities for all five, here are some examples:

1: Connect There are many activities available via our events page, so if you are visiting alone, there are lots of opportunities to join with other people.

2: Be Active Although some activities on the moor are not overtly physical, statistics show that when people are in green space they tend to be more physically active. Walking, cycling, water sports and conservation activities are examples of the many that are available.

3: Take Notice Being more aware of ourselves and our surroundings can help us to relax and help address our mental and emotional needs, the fantastic landscape that Exmoor has is the perfect place to do this!

4: Keep Learning Many of the activities available of Exmoor provide opportunities for learning, including talks, workshops and self led nature walks with resources from our centres.

5: Give For those who would like to give something back, there are plenty of opportunities on Exmoor for volunteering, take a look at our Get Involved project for more information on this.

Your Group Visit

If your group would like to take advantage of the health and wellbeing opportunities on Exmoor the following may be useful...

Walking for Health

Zing Somerset

The Exmoor Society

The Governments guidelines for physical activity, leaflets downloadable here

Our National Park Centres in Dulverton, Lynmouth and Dunster

The Moor to Enjoy Toolkit ( on the left hand side of this page)

Fuss free ideas for days out for groups, including some for groups with restricted mobility, three different options can be downloaded on the left of this page

For affordable transport for your group, the following may be helpful:

Please note that individual community car schemes may run differently to each other, so it's always good to check which one will suit your needs.

For up to date events please see our events page

For further details contact Keeley Rolfe, Project Coordinator:

Wellbeing Tools

Measure and get advice on your own health and wellbeing here

Small changes can have a huge impact on your health and wellbeing, Inspire your group with this video to show them how

Support for children and young people

Green Prescribing Research