Conservation areas

Conservation areas are defined as being of

"special architectural or historic interest the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance."

Within Exmoor National Park there are 16 Conservation Areas and these tend to be whole settlements. It is generally easy for residents and visitors to feel that a place is special and they are pleased that it has been designated as a conservation area, but a conservation area appraisal is needed to define the exact elements that make the area special. Conservation Area Appraisals take into account views from within the area looking out and views from outside looking in. Groupings of houses, their form and prominence, the spaces between them and their different styles are all considered when producing the appraisal. Features within the Conservation Area such as bridges, trees, boundary walls and rivers are all important in giving an area its character.

Exmoor National Park Authority is currently conducting a review of its existing Conservation Areas. Draft Conservation Area documents available for consultation can be viewed here
  Link to the Conservation Area Mapping