Local Development Framework


The Local Development Framework (LDF) contains the policies and programmes which guide the development and use of land in the National Park, and informs decisions on planning applications and appeals. 

At present the development plan for the National Park comprises of:

Exmoor National Park Local Plan 2001-2011 (adopted 1st March 2005)

The adopted Local Plan contains saved policies that are used to determine planning applications.

Proposals Map

The Proposals Map was adopted in March 2005 and shows the areas to which particular Local Plan policies relate.

The Lyn Plan 2013-2028

The neighbourhood development plan for the Lynton & Lynmouth neighbourhood area which was brought into force on 3rd December 2013.

Local Development Documents in Preparation:

Emerging Local Plan

The new Local Plan is in preparation (this was formerly referred to as the Core Strategy and Development Management Policies DPD) together with the underlying evidence to support its approach. Engagement with stakeholders and the local community has formed a significant part of the evidence base and has been termed Your Future Exmoor.

Consultation on the Draft Local Plan was held between 4 November and 13 December 2013.

Evidence Base

The evidence base consists of a number of technical reports and studies that have been prepared to inform the preparation of the Local Plan. Each report will be available to view or download from the website as it becomes available.

Other Publications in the Framework:

Local Development Scheme (LDS)

The LDS sets out the Authority's programme for the production of local development documents.

Annual Monitoring Reports (AMR)

The AMR reviews progress in implementing the Local Development Scheme, details of actions taken under the Duty to Cooperate, and monitoring the performance of Local Plan policies.

Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)

The SCI was formally adopted by the Authority on the 1st August 2006. This document sets out how the Authority intends to consult the community and other stakeholders on the production of local development documents and planning applications.

Consultation Register:

If you wish to be notified in relation to consultations on all or any of the future local development documents please complete the Consultation Form (PDF 50KB) and return to:
Policy and Community, Exmoor National Park Authority, Exmoor House, Dulverton, Somerset. TA22 9HL

Or alternatively you can download and save this Consulation Form (Word 50KB) and enter your information electronically and e-mail to: