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Date Registered Application No. Address & Proposal Decision
11/4/2018 62/50/18/004 Pimbury, lane from Bodley Cross to West Bodley Farm, Parracombe, Devon
Proposed replacement garage and store.
Not yet decided
20/3/2018 62/50/18/003 Ivy Cottage, Parracombe, Barnstaple, Devon
Proposed two storey extension and alterations to the existing property (including balcony over flat roof)
Not yet decided
19/3/2018 62/62/18/001LB Trentishoe Combe, Heddon Valley, Parracombe, Devon
Listed Building Consent for proposed alterations to existing door and window opening and alterations and extension to existing boundary wall.
Not yet decided
12/3/2018 62/50/18/002 Blackmoor Gate Farmers Market, Blackmoor Gate, Barnstaple, Devon
Proposed erection of a lighting column and associated underground cabling to provide illumination for emergency night time lands by the Devon Air Ambulance Trust. As per additional information dated 15.03.18.
Not yet decided
6/2/2018 WTCA 18/02 The Old Post Office, Parracombe, Barnstaple, Devon
Works to Trees in Conservation Area - T1 Fell overgrown hedge Ash. T2 Trim Ornamental Cherry. T3 Fell Cedar and replant with Rowan. T4 Pollard Holm Oak bush. T5 Fell birch growing from side of bank. G1 Cut and lay overgrown Ash and Sycamore boundary hedge.
16/1/2018 62/50/18/001 Vention Woods, Heddon Valley, Parracombe
Proposed development of campsite being open from May to September annually. As per additional information dated 05.02.18. As per additional information dated 23.02.18 and 27.02.18.and 13.03.18
3/1/2018 62/43/18/001 National Trust Machinery Shed, Heddon Valley, Parracombe
Proposed erection of replacement building to house 50kw biomass boiler and associated equipment. As per amended plan dated 05.02.18.
21/12/2017 62/62/17/005 Land at Middle Dean Farm, Trentishoe, Parracombe, Barnstaple, North Devon
Proposed engineering works and formation of new access roads. Retrospective. As per amended plans dated 09.01.18.
11/12/2017 62/50/17/011 Fair View, Lane from Parracombe Primary School to The Halt, Parracombe
Proposed reinstatement of hedge bank and alterations to access. As per additional information 15.01.18.
28/11/2017 WTCA 17/19 Hednacott, Churchtown, Parracombe, Devon
Works to trees in Conservation Area: pollard Beech (T1) to reduce stress on Devon Bank & reduce shading in gardens, Crown reduction of Hazel (T2) to reduce shading in gardens

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