Keeping Exmoor Special

Exmoor is a unique place with a stunning natural environment. It is also one of the leading destinations for Sustainable Tourism. We are proud to have been the first National Park in England to achieve the Europarc Charter for Sustainable Tourism in protected areas.

Below are some simple ideas that will ensure you have a great visit whilst ‘Keeping Exmoor Special’:

  • Get the true taste of Exmoor – try our mouth watering local produce for a great taste, which will also have helped to form the stunning landscape around you.
  • Keep Exmoor clean and green – reduce your waste as much as possible; Recycle what you can and put the rest in a bin (even if that means taking it home).
  • Give your car a holiday – there is so much to do on Exmoor and most of it’s on your doorstep. Take time to explore the hidden sights in your locality. When you do wish to explore further afield let a bike, bus or train take the strain and enjoy the view! If you have to drive take it slow, and be mindful of local wildlife on the moor. Visit ExploreMoor for ideas and inspiration.
  • Payback time – Put something back into Exmoor by volunteering and getting to know the real Exmoor or donate to CareMoor to play your part in supporting conservation and access in the National Park.
  • Enjoy a tranquil Exmoor – Exmoor is one of the most tranquil areas of the country – visit off peak and off season to experience it at its best.
  • Switch off – enjoy the stunning night skies by turning off your room lights to reduce light pollution and energy use. Turning ‘stand by’ switches off will also significantly reduce energy use.
  • Use accommodation that cares – look for accommodation that has truly embraced sustainability. Providers with accreditation through schemes such as the Green Tourism Business Scheme and David Bellamy Awards prove that sustainability and quality can go hand in hand!
  • Countryside Code – always remember to follow the countryside code when enjoying the natural wonders of Exmoor.