Exmoor's Invasives

If you have seen any of the invasive species listed below on Exmoor than we would like to hear from you. You can record your sightings on iNaturalist, using our online submission form or by letting us know by email or phone. If you would like to get involved through iNaturalist you can join our project here.

Please follow the links to the GB Non-Native Species Secretariat website below to find out more about each of the Invasive species.


Signal crayfish

Signal crayfish 

Japanese knotweed


Himalayan knotweed


Lesser knotweed

Lesser knotweed plant 

Himalayan balsam


American skunk cabbage






New Zealand pygmyweed

Other Non-Native Invasive Species of interest


Giant Hogweed

Giant Hogweed 

Monkey flower

Monkey flower plant 

Asian hornet

More asian hornet information on our website

Asian hornet