Waxcap fungi

Name: Waxcap fungi

Scientific name: Hygrocybe spp

How to identify: Many waxcaps are highly colourful and their fruit bodies, especially the relatively thick gills under the cap, often have a waxy texture, hence their common name. Waxcaps often change colour as they mature and sometimes weather can play its part – a long dry spell, for example, may cause colours to become paler – so a certain amount of caution is needed when trying to identify them. 

Where: rough grassland often adjoining moorland areas such as near Pinkery Pond, tightly cropped lawns including parklands such as Dunster Deerpark and Nettlecombe, churchyards and lawns

Best time to see: September - December

Did you know? There are over 25 species of waxcap known to occur on Exmoor, including the snowy, ballerina, parrot and scarlet waxcap.

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