Exmoor Mires Partnership

Mires project

Introduction to Mires

Mires are peat accumulating habitats - such as blanket bogs, valley bogs and fens. Blanket bog is the commonest mire type on Exmoor with over 30sq km present but it is a globally scarce habitat with a unique association of plants and animals; 20% of the total world blanket bog area occurs in the British Isles. On Exmoor blanket bog and peat covers the central moorland but it has been dried out by centuries of moorland reclamation, drainage and domestic peat-cutting. As a result it has lost its water holding abilities and many of the interesting plants, animals and birds and become dominated by moorland grasses.

Mire Restoration

Mire restoration on Exmoor with ditch blocking and water management techniques has been successfully happening since 1998. Research and monitoring into  the effects of this work  on the moorlands and their hydrology, wildlife and other aspects is also a crucial part of the project.

Exmoor Mires Partnership

A Partnership between the following organisations and individuals helps to deliver peatland restoration in a holistic manner:

Historic England

Environment Agency

Exmoor Farmers and Commoners representatives

Exmoor National Park Authority

Exmoor Society

Natural England

South West Water Limited

Local Universities including Exeter and  Bristol

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Drop in at: Exmoor Mires Project Office, 7-9 Fore Street, Dulverton, Somerset, TA22 9EX

Phone: 01398 315010