Exmoor Woodlinks

If you own or manage woodland on or near Exmoor Woodlinks can help you.

We off free and impartial advice to all, ranging from simple signposting to sources of grant or advice, to an enhanced package of support for owners and managers of ancient woodland.

Contact: Graeme McVittie 01398 322276 or email

Exmoor WoodLinks supports woodland owners and related businesses in bringing more woods into sustainable management for the benefit of the rural economy, environment and landscape.

The area has some of the best growing conditions for timber production in the country and is home to some stunning stands of trees.  Woodlands are part of a thriving, living landscape and many are well managed. However there are also many woods that have fallen out of a regular management routine.  They are often small, isolated or in multiple ownership where the economies of scale have mitigated against viable work for decades. Local demand for woodfuel continues to rise, but there is evidence of firewood supply being met through imports which is, in part, due to difficulties accessing the local resource.

We aim to see multiple benefits emerging including;

  • Bringing under-managed Ancient Woodlands into restoration
  • Woods in restoration management gain greater structure and species diversity to counter the growing threat from climate change and tree disease
  • An expanded, innovative and more organised forestry contracting base more efficient supply chain bringing more timber and fuel into the local markets
  • More woodland owners and communities taking a positive interest in woodland conservation and management

If you own a plantation on ancient woodland site we’d like to work with you.

We can help you discover its history and provide independent and practical advice on topics including:

* How restoration can complement your woodland business and interests

* How restoration can support forestry certification

* Making the most of grant funding.

More info on Ancient Woodland Restoration from our project partner Woodland Trust advice and information

WoodLinks also offers riparian woodland owners advice specifically in the upper catchment of the river Exe, helping to improve water quality as part of South West Water’s Upstream Thinking programme.  more info

In 2016 Exmoor WoodLinks launched the first Grown in Britain group scheme in the UK.  If you can see the benefit of a stronger local woodland enterprise culture and want to emphasise the provenance of your products, why not join us? more info on Grown in Britain

Exmoor Woodlinks started in late 2015 from the FC Woods into Management Programme and the Woodland Trust HLF funded Ancient Woodland Restoration Project. Thanks to a generous Heritage Lottery Fund grant, Exmoor National Park Authority and the Woodland Trust, along with Forestry Commission and other partners are working together to offer woodland owners specialist support to sustainably manage woodlands and in particular restore plantations on ancient woodland sites (PAWS) as part of the wider rural economy.