Working Woodlands


Exmoor's woodlands have a long history of being managed for timber, fuelwood, tan bark and other uses. Of the 9413ha of woodland growing on Exmoor today, 8935ha or 94.9% is managed woodland. The following webpages show the woodland activity on and around Exmoor which is going on today, links to woodland grant aid and felling licences for tree and woodland owners, plus how Exmoor's woodlands could change in future due to the influence of climate change.

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Woodland management - There is much activity taking place in Exmoor's woodlands today, from work helping wildlife to flourish, to promoting timber trees for future markets, to planting new woodlands. These pages provide some more information on recent woodland management across Exmoor as well as some case studies.

Information for Tree and woodland Owners & Managers - Here is information to help owners and managers look after their trees and woodlands. Exmoor National Park Authority can help with providing advice on managing trees and woodlands, explain the regulations involved with felling and maintaining trees and assist with applying for forestry grant aid.

Wood-using businesses - Here are profiles of some local wood-using businesses which are based either on or near to Exmoor, plus a link to a national organisation, Grown in Britain which is promoting the use of wood across the country.

Woodfuel - Ever since people have needed to heat their homes, wood has been used as a source of fuel and until it was replaced by coal, oil and gas, wood was the main fuel used in the UK.  Today, woodfuel is still being produced through sensitive woodland management.

Climate Change and Woodland Carbon - Climate change is constantly in the news and we are regularly informed about how the changing climate could affect us in the future. Trees and woodlands will also be affected by changes in the climate but they can also play a vital role by combating the causes and effects of climate change as well.