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It is the range of cultures, ages, experiences and abilities of our residents and visitors that contribute to making Exmoor a special place. Exmoor National Park Authority is working to ensure that everyone on Exmoor has equal access to the services we provide. The Authority aims to tackle all forms of discrimination and promote equality of opportunity. Our equality commitments apply to every employee of the Authority, our Authority Members and to all those contracted to provide services on the Authority’s behalf.
Equality must be central to the way in which we provide our services to the public. Our Partnership Plan 2018-2022 and annual Business Plans build on the work we have already completed and help us focus on putting our commitment to providing fair and accessible services and employment opportunities into practice.

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to our work so far. We welcome and encourage further contributions to our work in improving equality of opportunity.

Improving Access to Exmoor - outcomes

In April 2011, Countryside Mobility South West ran its first Tramper event in partnership with the Authority on Haddon Hill. Trampers are now available for hire in the Heddon Valley and Wimbleball Lake making these parts of Exmoor more accessible than ever.  Find out more about Tramper Hire on Exmoor here (will direct you to the Countryside Mobility South West website).

For more information visit our Accessible Exmoor pages.

Exmoor National Park Authority has been working with the Mosaic Project to support greater participation of black and minority ethnic people and young people in this special place. Individuals representing their communities are recruited, trained and supported by Mosaic so that, in turn, they can involve others and set up a groundswell of support of people who want to use and protect Exmoor and all National Parks.

The Community Champions are now  established in our volunteer body and they intend to remain active as a south-west forum. The Authority is beginning to ‘mainstream’ equality promotion for example a community champion is a member of the Learning and Engagement Strategic Overview Group working with the Authority and partners to monitor delivery against the Partnership Plan.

The Authority hosted the Campaign for National Parks Mosaic Young Champions Project Officer at Exmoor House - the project that began in April 2013 further increased opportunities for young people from all backgrounds who may not have considered visiting or had the opportunity to visit and enjoy the National Park.

A  programme of funding through the Authority's Partnership Fund has also assisted new audiences to enjoy the National Park. By March 2013 the Authority had helped 16 groups involving 343 individuals who had not previously visited the National Park to have their first Exmoor experience, including members from the North Devon Forum for Autism and Related Behaviours, the Bristol Indian Association and the Zimbabwean Women's Group.

We continue to raise awareness and understanding of our staff team through training and learning opportunities. We have provided in recent years training to improve understanding of visual and hearing difficulties (including some staff receiving basic British Sign Language trainings), dementia, mental health and wellbeing and an understanding of the Equality Act 2010 and how we can promote equality of opportunity for all.

For more information about how we are working with others to increase opportunities to access, enjoy and understand Exmoor -  you can read our 2012 report here and our 2017 update here.

The Authority has an Equality Policy that explains our commitment to promoting equality of opportunity.

What's Next? - Priorities to promote understanding and enjoyment for all:

Working with communities to inform, inspire and engage people with Exmoor’s special qualities was a priority within the 2012- 2017 Partnership Plan for Exmoor and the broad themes will continue into the new plan which has being developed for 2018-2022.

We will:

Continue maintenance and improvement of public rights of way so that at least 95% of public rights of way will meet ease of use criteria.

Undertake an annual education programme reaching at least 3,000 young people.

Ensure that existing accessible rights of way are publicised and promoted in appropriate formats, media and outlets.

Support disabled users and groups to access Exmoor National Park through rights of way improvements and working with partners such as Countryside Mobility South West, Calvert Trust and South West Lakes Trust and our own projects such as the Moor to Enjoy Project and New Audience fund.

Continue the work of the Mosaic Project, seeking to increase awareness of the opportunities Exmoor National Park provides for all, helping to remove barriers where they exist.

Continue to support and publicise events, education projects and develop volunteering opportunities.

Undertake research on perceptions of new audiences to inform future engagement.

Continue to provide learning opportunities for our staff to increase awareness and understanding.

Do you have any comments?

Your Views - Contribute to our work by commenting on your experience of our services and experiences on Exmoor. Your comments and suggestions will form part of our wider consultation and the development of our priorities and plans.

If you would like a copy of any of the information on this page, or any other pages on our website, in a different format, please contact or ring 01398 323665 and speak to any of our Corporate and Customer Assistants.

More Information

If you would like any information about Authority projects past, present or future please contact one of our team:

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