19 March 2020

Following Government advice on Coronavirus this meeting has been cancelled.


The Exmoor Consultative and Parish Forum provides opportunity for consultation and discussion of matters affecting the National Park and promotes better understanding between the National Park Authority and the people who live and work in the National Park area.  Membership of the Forum includes all Town/Parish Councils and Parish Meetings in the National Park, as well as numerous other individuals and organisations with an interest in Exmoor.

While not a formal decision-making body, the Forum is an important channel of communication, enabling the exchange of views and ideas on a variety of topics relevant to Exmoor.

Meetings are chaired by Exmoor National Park Authority Member, Mr Mike Ellicott.  
For further information about Forum meetings, please contact the Forum Secretary –
Hazel Malcolm on or 01398 322251. Please note this   meeting is audio recorded We will make the recordings available via our website for members of the public to listen to within 72 hours of the meeting taking place.

The agendas, minutes and audio recordings of Forum meetings are available on the Exmoor National Park Authority website.

The next meeting of the Exmoor Consultative and Parish Forum will be held at
EXMOOR HOUSE, DULVERTON on Thursday 19 March 2020 at 10:30am

NB:  The meeting will be audio recorded and the recording published on the Authority’s website.

Mike Ellicott

1. Apologies for Absence

2. Minutes
(1) To agree the Minutes of the Forum meeting held on 17 December 2019 (Item 2).  
(2) To consider any Matters Arising from those minutes.

3. Questions from the floor

4. Review of Protected Landscapes (Glover Report)

5. Farming Issues:  To discuss any current farming issues.

6. Planning Issues:  To discuss any current planning issues.

7. Emerging issues or topics for wider debate: To suggest any emerging issues or topics for wider debate.  The following are noted for inclusion at future meetings

8. Date and Time of Next Meeting: The next meeting of the Exmoor Consultative and Parish Forum will be at 7pm on Thursday 11 June, at a venue TBC.

9. Other Business of Urgency