Our response to the police investigation into the Hunting Office webinars


We’re aware of the police investigation into the Hunting Office webinars and take any allegations of illegal activity in the National Park very seriously. But we don’t feel it’s appropriate to stop trail hunting on our land unless there is a confirmed legal basis for doing so.

Exmoor National Park Authority currently allows one local pack of hounds to trail hunt on land which it owns within the National Park – around 7 per cent of the total area. Permission is given by way of an annual licence. Through this we require that activities are legal, responsible and in line with our statutory responsibilities towards the National Park, as we would for any other organised activity taking place on our land.

It is our statutory responsibility to care for the National Park and in doing so to balance the interests of all those who live here, work here and visit. To the best of our ability we base our decisions on what’s lawful and do not discriminate or consider it our role to otherwise ban an activity.

We understand this reasoning won’t be acceptable to everyone, but rest assured we will act appropriately and proportionately if the outcome of the investigation is that there has been illegal activity on land we own. Until then we will be following this case very closely to consider any action that may need to be taken once the police investigation concludes.

For more information see: www.exmoor-nationalpark.gov.uk/about-us/position-statements/trail-hunting-on-land-owned-by-exmoor-national-park-authority

Published: 30 November 2020

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