New Life breathed into Exmoor Historic Signposts


Two of Exmoor’s iconic historic signposts have been reinstated, thanks to the care and dedication of local volunteers.

Many visitors admire Exmoor’s cast-iron signposts, and they are a source of local pride. Following significant damage to a few highly important signposts and ongoing maintenance costs, the authority hopes to raise several thousand pounds through its CareMoor donations scheme to restore them all to their former glory.

One of the repaired signposts is located near Brushford and the second, which was damaged by suspected vandalism and needed extensive repair, is located at Withypool.

Shirley Blaylock, Historic Environment Officer for the National Park Authority, said: “We are so grateful to our volunteers for their hard work in surveying, painting and general help in maintaining and caring for these signposts. Signposts were taken down during the Second World War for fear of invasion, and many were reinstated in the immediate years after the war ended, helping the country get back to normal. The cost of replacing just one finger is around £1,000, as each one is unique and needs to be specially cast in a foundry.  Margaret brought the broken finger parts into the ENPA office meaning a lot of money could be saved by having it welded back together, also conserving the original pieces. We are also hugely grateful to Brushford parish council who paid for the welding work, and to everyone who made kind donations to the Caremoor historic signpost fund”.

Exmoor’s Volunteer and Outreach Officer, Patrick Watts-Mabbott said “Donors to the appeal have contributed to an important part of Exmoor's heritage, as well as a vital part of our rural road network and local community pride. Funds pay for local contractors and Volunteers to repair damage or suspected vandalism, the specialist paint needed and safety training for volunteers to work on the highway”.

The National Park Authority is appealing for anyone who spots damage or vandalism of Exmoor signposts, to email or contact their parish council.

If you want to help keep Exmoor’s unique and historical signposts looking their best, visit to donate.

Published: 4 October 2023

T: 01398 323665