Exmoor hosts over 800 miles of local paths and over 3000 path signs. Donations to CareMoor for Exmoor help keep this network open and accessible to all. A single footpath sign can cost £200 to make and install. Repairing and re-grading a bridleway can cost £10 per metre. Replacing one 5 foot gate costs £250 and we replace up to 148 gates and stiles every year. Help us look after your Rights of Way.

Great Bradley Bridge - A new project and CareMoor campaign- June 2023

We're going to be building a new bridge to add a safe crossing point over the River Barle near Great Bradley, on the popular walking route between Tarr Steps and Withypool.  This route, enjoyed by residents and visitors, also forms part of the long distance walking route Two Moors Way (connecting Exmoor and Dartmoor National Parks). Read  more here.

The current footpath takes walkers on the north side a meander in the river and is in a really bad state following heavy erosion causued by flooding. The existing route at this section is not a designated Public Right of Way and has only ever been allowed by the kind permission of the landowner. Furthermore, this old section of the route takes walkers through a sensitive area for wildlife and biodiversity, which will benefit further from being left undisturbed to grow wild. For years, horse riders have been able to cross the river by a ford (following the public bridleway),  but when water levels are high this is unsafe for horses and their riders.

We need to safely reroute walkers and horse riders onto the south side of this beautiful river. By building a bridge at the Great Bradley crossing point we will be able to secure this walk for future generations. Both walkers and horse riders will be able to cross safely to the other side of the river, where, a less ecologically sensitive Public Right of Way already exists.

We have been donated part of a previously unused bridge structure from Devon County Council so it's great that we can repurpose this to suit our needs. However, it remains an expensive project - the  footings, extensions to the structure and remote access all add to the cost.  In total we'll need to raise around £120,000 from a variety of sources and we are hoping that the public will show their support by donating to our appeal.

The bridge will provide a perfect resting point on the walk and allow views up and down the river valley.

CareMoor donations support new Exmoor bridleway - May 2022 - CareMoor funds have been used to contribute to works on a permitted bridleway connecting Pittcombe Head to the Culbone Inn. The 1 mile long permitted bridleway in the parish of Porlock was suggested by the landowner and provides a safe alternative to the busy A39. It markedly improves the access network in the area and helps to improve connectivity between particularly scenic areas such as Hawkcombe ancient woodland, Porlock Weir and the Oare valley.  Amanda Hamley of the West Somerset & Exmoor Bridleways Association said “A friend and I were enjoying a ride recently and came across the new permitted bridleway at the North side of the A38, opposite The Culbone Inn. Seeing the finger post sign as we crossed the road, we decided to have a look. We were delighted to find out that it ran along the entire side of the main road towards the AA Box, offering some lovely trots and canters.” A generous donations of £200 was also received recently from the WS&EBA from the proceeds of a recent ride.

Huge thanks go to the landowner Rupert Martin and our CareMoor supporters, without who this exciting project would not have been possible.

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