CareMoor for Ashcombe Gardens


Restoring the Picturesque landscape of Simonsbath.

Survey work in 2001 revealed the existence of a forgotten garden at Ashcombe, Simonsbath. Laid out by the Knight family in the 1820s, the gardens were part of a Picturesque designed landscape, that includes White Rock Cottage, the old School-house and Gardener's store.

Sadly, never fully realised the gardens were gradually lost. The Simonsbath project has been set-up to investigate and sympathetically renovate the gardens and landscape, working with the local community and volunteers to bring this important part of Exmoor's heritage back to life.

Donations to the Simonsbath Ashcombe Gardens Appeal will help re-plant the garden, re-instate lost paths and features and provide tools and equipment for volunteers to maintain the area as a publicly accessible space for people to enjoy for years to come.

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