CareMoor Tree Fund

Donate to our CareMoor Tree Fund

A donation to CareMoor Tree Fund helps us look after trees outside of woodlands. An important aspect of the special qualities of Exmoor.

Individual trees growing in towns and villages or on the edge of farmland across Exmoor provide unique landscape features. Lending their name to the junctions of ancient pathways, markers for walkers, cyclists or tale-tellers they are local landmarks in the cultural heritage of Exmoor.

Sadly, losses do occur to weather, age or increasingly disease. The trees can also be overlooked and taken for granted and the loss of only a few mature trees from a village drastically changes the character of the landscape.

With your help the CareMoor Tree Fund can ensure that distinctive trees, which help create a sense of place as an important part of our natural heritage, are not lost.

Donations to the CareMoor Tree Fund will help us look after the existing distinctive trees outside of woodland and provide funds to plant new trees in public spaces. Replacing trees that have been lost, to keep Exmoor special.

Supporting the Tree Fund

You can donate to the Tree Fund here. Select the Tree Fund option from the drop-down project menu. All contributions will go toward managing and planting specimen trees outside of woodlands.

Please note the Tree Fund is not a dedication scheme, so you won't be able to sponsor a specific tree. We will, however, be developing some resources showing where individual and important trees can be seen across Exmoor, and where we have planted new trees or are working to replace distinctive trees.

Donate a space for a tree

As well as donations of cash we are inviting local groups, schools, businesses, Parish Councils or individuals who have space in which trees could be planted to 'donate' this to the scheme. In return we will use the Tree Fund to cover the cost of buying and planting a new tree for Exmoor. Places need to be visible, and preferably accessible to the public.

If you are a local group, community or business you might even like to fundraise for a new tree in your town or village.

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