Guidance for Entering Events on the Exmoor National Park Website

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Your Details Section.

The data in this section of the form does not appear on the website but ensures that we have contact details for every event that we have. This information will be held on our systems so that we can contact you if we need to.

Event details

The information that you enter here will be the information that people will see when viewing your event.

Please note -  once you have uploaded your events they will be in the public domain and may be copied from our website and relisted elsewhere by 3rd parties. 

If your organisation tends to have a number of events with us (such as National Trust) then you may be able to select it from the drop down list. If your organisation is not on the drop down list then please enter the organisation name in the "if other organisation" box.

Event Name
This is the name that will appear on the event calendar pages etc, so make sure you call is something that describes that specific event and avoid general terms such as "guided walk". Please try to keep the event title as short as possible.

Type of Event
Select from the drop down the term that best describes your event. If you are unsure then use the general "event" term.

Walk Grade (only applicable to walks)
To help people decide whether a walk is suitable for their level of fitness and mobility we grade them by a simple grading system as below. Please don’t be tempted to understate the level of the walk as this is likely to lead to dissatisfied participants.

  • Easy Going Stroll - guided walks at a very gentle pace for up to about 2 hours. More accessible locations that are likely to be suitable for many less mobile people, younger children, pushchairs and wheelchair users.
  • Stroll - usually up to two hours at an easy pace. Likely to be suitable for many children and slower walkers.
  • Walk - for more experienced or fitter walkers. Open moor or steep or rough ground may be covered in walks that vary in length and type of terrain

Location start point
Use this to provide clear text description of where the event starts - for example "Car Park at County Gate"

Location postcode
This can be very useful, but be aware that people increasingly use postcodes to put into their sat navs to find locations - some Exmoor postcodes cover a wide area and can lead people to the wrong address.

Date and Time
Please ensure that you double check these details before submitting. Clock is 12 hours - so please ensure am or pm is correctly selected. You can either select a finish time or say how long the event runs for.

Contact Telephone
The number that people will use to contact you about the event or make a booking, please double check it is correct.

Use this section to provide as much information as you can to describe your event. There is no word limit but we may need to edit entries for inclusion in  the Exmoor Visitor Newspaper.

Booking Required
Please select from the drop down options.  If you select booking essential  then please ensure that the contact telephone number is the correct number for bookings.

Please clearly set out your charges for the event, including any concessions. If the event is free then please enter "free".

Event Info
The tick boxes on our online events calendar help users of our website find events that may interest them.  Tick as many boxes as apply to your event (a brief description of what each term means is below) Please do not just tick all the boxes.

  • Accessible - tick this box only if your event is likely to be suitable for people with limited mobility, such as older people, families with young children or for people with disabilities.  Try and include more detail of the level of accessibility within the event description as this will help people to decide on whether your event is suitable for them or not. try avoiding descriptions such as “suitable for wheelchair users” - as there are many wheelchair users with very different needs. Always provide a contact number where people can ask questions about the accessibility of an event.
  • Dogs Welcome - as it says
  • Free event - There are no charges for attending event
  • Great for families - your event is likely to be particularly enjoyable for families with children
  • Trampers available - on some walks,  Exmoor National Park and partners can arrange hire of off road mobility vehicles - called trampers. Only tick this box if trampers are available for this event - and if they are, provide full details in the event description.
  • Dark Sky Event - Exmoor National Park was designated Europe's first International Dark Sky Reserve in 2011. Tick this box if your event has any links to Exmoor's Night skies, such as a moonlit walk, bat event or stargazing event.
  • Walk - guided walks are also displayed on the Walking on Exmoor page
  • Lorna Doone Celebration Event - 2019 is the 150th anniversary of the publication of R D Blackmore’s novel Lorna Doone. Tick this box if your event has links to the anniversary.

What you may see
These tick boxes just give some further information about the kind of event it is. Many walks will feature a number of these - tick the boxes that apply. 

Once you have completed the form there is an option to upload a picture that will display with your event on the website. We would strongly suggest that you do this as it makes your event listing much more attractive.  We may not be able to promote any events on the Exmoor National Park home page that do not have an associated image, although they will still show in the Events calendar.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have permission to use the photo and that you have the consent of anyone who features prominently in the photo.

Either square or landscape shape photos will work best.  Avoid portrait shaped photos as they will look distorted when displayed on our website.  Avoid submitting posters or any other images containing text as these will be unreadable when cropped on the website.