A Poetry Evening with Sarah and Richard Westcott


Date: 14th Mar 2020 6:30 pm
Prize winning poets, father and daughter Richard and Sarah Westcott, share an evening of their own poetry. Richard Westcott writes:Through poetry - both hers, and mine - I've got to know Sarah better: our relationship has deepened. I've learnt more about poetry, and myself as well. But then, as we know, poetry can do that. Not just reading the same poems, but sharing them through discussion and constructive criticism - poems by others that we've both enjoyed, and poems by ourselves. This may not be a partnership - our poetry is different, just as we are, and we're both on our own separate journeys - but we speak and listen to each other in a new way, and through our poetry have developed a mutual understanding and awareness. We hope that our reading with its contrasts and interlocking responses and variations, will reflect some of this evolution and create an interesting and varied evening of live contemporary poetry. Booking essential - either on the website or by calling Marian Lloyd 01643 831451

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Simonsbath Festival

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Location: Congregational Church Hall, Dulverton
Booking: Booking essential
Charge: £10
Contact: 01643 851430

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