Fabulous Fish


Date: 25th Mar 2023 - 8th Apr 2023
A glorious exhibition of fish art, a true celebration of the lives of these remarkable creatures, through art eleven very different professional artists will be highlighting the struggles they face, fighting to survive in these increasingly difficult times. With over 1000 species on the endangered and critically endangered list, including our own Atlantic Salmon that spawn right here on Exmoor, who have declined by 80% over the last 25 years, we need to consider the consequences of their possible extinction, and what we can do to help prevent this tragedy, which is happening right here on our doorstep.

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This event is brought to you by: Lanacre Barn Gallery
Location: Lanacre Barn Gallery TA24 7SD
Booking: No need to book - just turn up
Charge: nothing
Contact: 07814420913

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