John Hegley - Peace, Love and Potatoes


Date: 25th Feb 2022 7:30 pm
John Hegley is an English performance poet, comedian, musician and songwriter. This show is about his family friends, working life and everyday goings on which resonates with audiences, who, are invited join in with the singing. The poems are poignant and funny and although the show is designed for adults the odd 9 year old has happily joined the journey. John’s French grandmother, who danced with the Follies Bergeres features, alongside a grumpy brother-in-law and attempts to cheer up some grumpier daleks and dragons with the poetry of John Keats. Tales of growing up in a bungalow in Luton, where his mother would think nothing of peeling a potato in one long, thin winding and unbroken strip. John’s half-French father (the bottom half), an older dad who was in the Royal Air Force in WWII made striking paintings of his native France and encouraged his childrens’ creativity. This show is an opportunity to celebrate the result of that encouragement with a performer who knows his trade and looks forward to getting to know his audience. Hegley began his performing career at London’s Comedy Store in 1980 and has since written a number of collections of poetry, ranging from the surreal through the humorous to the personal and emotional. There are a number of recurring themes, notably glasses, dogs and reminiscences of his childhood in Luton. Tickets are £10 from SPAR, Porlock Visitor Centre and online, or email for bank details for BACS payments.

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