Pin Hole Photography Workshop – World Pin Hole Day


Date: 28th Apr 2019 10:00am-4:00pm
We are hosting an event on World Pinhole Day; Day of this event, so you can enter the World Pinhole day event – Pinhole photography uses the most basic concepts of a camera. A lightproof box, an aperture, and light-sensitive material. Light is passed through the pinhole to project an inverted image onto the paper or film on the opposite end of the camera. With Pinhole Photography the distance between the pinhole and film determines the angle of view. The more shallow the depth, the wider the angle. Most pinholes are wide angle, this is useful as a longer focal length would make it harder to frame your image. The wide angle makes it much easier to frame your image, as much more of the scene is included. As a beginner, using pinhole can be an exciting introduction to analogue photography as it reduces it to it’s most basic elements. There is a mysterious aspect to pinhole photography. Due to the lack of viewfinder, you don’t know exactly what you are going to capture. Part of the enjoyment can be that there is an element of a mystery until you see the developed exposure. Pinhole photography, although simple, is something that requires some thought. Time has to be taken to think about exposures; the movement in the scene; what is static or moving; what will the blur look like? It can be a calming, meditative process. A perfect way to slow down the process of capturing an image, focusing only on the most important steps. Within this workshop, you will be able to make your own Pinhole camera, explore the world of pinhole photography, the endless possibilities, from point of view to long exposure. You are more than welcome to bring your own pinhole camera. If you have a digital DSLR, Nikon or Canon, we will have pinhole adapters so you can use your DSLR. This event is being held at the Beckett Room, Moorland Hall, Wheddon Cross, TA24 7DL This is a paid event to cover the costs of the event and materials and you will need to book your place in advance so we have the correct amount of materials -

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This event is brought to you by: Exmoor Camera Club
Location: Moorland Hall, Wheddon Cross TA245UB
Booking: Booking essential
Charge: £25
Contact: 07494849849

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