The WWII Exmoor Rocket: its birth on Brendon Common and destiny on D-Day.


Date: 17th May 2019 7:30pm
An Illustrated talk on the story behind Col. MacLaren’s memorial near Brendon Two Gates, given by Richard McLaughlin. He will tell of experiment and tragedy on Exmoor, show a 1942 film of a secret large-scale test firing, and will include eye-witness accounts of front-line rocket operations. One of the rockets will be on display. Richard McLaughlin lives in the East Lyn Valley, not far from the memorial. He is a retired civil engineer, having worked on the design and installation of offshore oil platforms and hydro-electric works. He is still active as a volunteer officer in the Engineer & Logistic Staff Corps, a specialist group in 77th Brigade, the Army’s information warfare unit.

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Location: St Luke’s church, Simonsbath
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