Natural Environment Map Layers

Natural Environment Record

International Sites
Special Areas of Conservation
(Areas given special protection under the European Union’s Habitats Directive, which is transposed into UK law by the Habitats and Conservation of Species Regulations 2010)

National Sites
Site of Special Scientific Interest
Sites designated by Natural England under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. SSSIs are the country’s very best wildlife and geological sites. They are important as they support plants and animals that find it more difficult to survive in the wider countryside. The protection of SSSIs is a shared responsibility between landowners, local authorities and Natural England.

Local Sites
Local Wildlife Sites
(also known as County Wildlife Sites) identified for their wildlife interest, which complement the network of nationally and internationally designated sites. These include important species-rich grassland, ancient woodland, heath and freshwater habitats of high quality or recognised because they support species of conservation importance)

Local Geological Sites/Regionally Important Geological Sites
Local, non-statutory sites identified for their geological and geomorphological interest

TPO (Woodland)
A Tree Preservation Order is an order made by a local planning authority in England to protect specific trees, groups of trees or woodlands in
the interests of amenity.
TPO (Tree)
A Tree Preservation Order is an order made by a local planning authority in England to protect specific trees, groups of trees or woodlands in
the interests of amenity.

Section 3 Land
On Exmoor these are areas of moor and heath, woodland, and cliff and foreshore identified by the National Park Authority whose natural beauty is particularly important to conserve as set out under section 43 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

Veteran Tree
A tree which, because of its age, size and condition, is of exceptional biodiversity, cultural or heritage value. All ancient trees are veteran trees. Not all veteran trees are old enough to be ancient, but are old relative to other trees of the same species. Very few trees of any species reach the ancient life-stage.

Orchard of Landscape Importance
Orchards in existence that contribute to the character of the area and have an impact on the visual scene.

Former Heathland
Areas of land that were previous heathland but due to ploughing between 1960’s to 1990’s have been lost to grazing.

Natural England Priority Habitats
This is a spatial dataset that describes the geographic extent and location of Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act (2006) Section 41 habitats of principal importance. This inventory replaces Natural England's previous separate BAP habitat inventories: blanket bog, coastal & floodplain grazing marsh, coastal sand dunes, coastal vegetated shingle, deciduous woodland, fens, lowland calcareous grassland, lowland dry acid grassland, lowland heathland, lowland meadows, lowland raised bog, limestone pavements, maritime cliff and slope, mudflats, purple moor grass & rush pastures, reedbeds, saline lagoons, traditional orchards, undetermined grassland, upland calcareous grassland, upland hay meadows and upland heathland.

Special Road Verges
Special road verge species highlighted by Somerset County Council

Landscape Character AssessmentLandscape Character Areas
Landscape character type: A defined geographical zone with distinct types of
landscape that are relatively homogeneous in character.
Landscape character area: Single unique areas within landscape character types,
which have their own individual character and identity

Seascape Character Areas
An area of sea, coastline and land, as perceived by people, whose character results from the actions and interactions of land with sea, by natural and/or human factors. Seascape should be taken as meaning landscapes with views of the coast or seas, and coasts and the adjacent marine environment with cultural, historical and archaeological links with each other.
WildWatch Data
Species that make Exmoor their home, the better able we are to work with our partners to maintain and enhance this amazing diversity.  Some are nationally rare, others we simply do not know enough

Exmoor National Park Boundary
Boundary of the Exmoor National Park Authority