Mountain Biking

Exmoor is recognised as one of the best and most challenging off-road cycling destinations in the UK. The combination of a beautiful and varied landscape and an excellent network of bridleways, lanes and other permitted tracks provide ample opportunity for cyclists to enjoy some fantastic rides.

Great for both downhill and cross country riding, the Exmoor OS Explorer Map has details of the many routes available. Just remember that when riding off-road, to do so with consideration to other users, wildlife and the special qualities of Exmoor’s environment and follow our good practice advice for Mountain Biking:

Ride only on permitted tracks, i.e. bridleways, restricted byways and permitted routes clearly identified on the ground or on up-to-date Ordnance Survey maps. For more information visit our 'Out and About Essentials' pages.

Give way to walkers and horses; control your speed and avoid bunching when travelling in large groups.

Announce your presence when approaching horses and walkers from the rear, to avoid startling them, ideally with a bell as it is more friendly and less startling than a shout!

Hard breaking and skidding can lead to soil erosion, particularly on the delicate moorland soils, so please brake sensibly and avoid excessively worn routes, especially during wet weather

Follow the Countryside Code


Exmoor has played host to both downhill and cross-country events, as well as tracks for adventure racing.