Rights of Way


We have over 600 miles  (965km) of footpath and bridleway for you to enjoy

Exmoor has one of the best networks of paths and trails in the UK, and we are dedicated to keeping them well signed and  in good condition.So whether on foot, on horseback or on a bike there are endless possibilities for exploring the unique Exmoor landscape.

What are Public Rights of Way?

Public rights of way are paths along which the public has a legal right to pass and repass. You may also come across 'permitted paths', which are available by landowner permission rather than by legal right. The public rights of way network is managed and maintained by Exmoor National Park Authority which has delegated powers from Devon and Somerset County Councils.  This means that most maintenance duties, signing and waymarking are undertaken by Exmoor National Park Authority. Maintenance of gates and of overhanging vegetation (e.g. trees and hedges) is the responsibility of the landowner by law, but the National Park Authority undertakes some of these works in cooperation with landowners to ensure that the public rights of way network remains in excellent condition.

You can Explore Exmoor's Rights of way and Permitted Routes on our Interactive Access Map

Different colours for different path types.

We use different colours on our path signs so you know what kind of path you are on. The graphic below shows you the different types of path and who has  a legal right to use them.

Information on the meaning of waymarkers

This short film will explore how we look after Exmoor's Rights of Way