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Exmoor is one of 15 National Parks in the UK, and more than 6000 around the world.

What is a National Park?

National Parks have been chosen as special protected areas because of their beautiful countryside, wildlife and history. National Parks are living, working landscapes: the home to thousands of people and the factory floor for many farmers. Most of the land within them is owned by private landowners, but people are permitted access to it for recreation if they follow the Countryside Code.

Why is Exmoor a National Park?

Exmoor is a unique and special place, packed full of beautiful landscapes, wildlife and history.  We have wild windswept moorlands with great views, secret wooded valleys where ancient oaks trees cling to the slopes and clear rivers that rush towards the sea.  We have some of the most dramatic coastal scenery in the UK.  You can explore villages full of history and make your way along footpaths and tracks that are all carefully signposted and looked after by the National Park.

Find out more about what makes Exmoor special.

Like all the UK National Parks, Exmoor is free to enter, there are no gates and no opening and closing times. Look out for “Cairns” beside the roads as you enter Exmoor.

Are there restrictions in place because of COVID?

We want everyone who visits Exmoor, lives on Exmoor or works here to stay safe. Please remember it’s your responsibility to know and follow the latest government advice on Covid-19 and access to green spaces.

To find out how these measures are affecting facilities in the National Park, please also check our latest update on coronavirus before you travel.

What can I do on Exmoor?

Exmoor is for everyone and everyone has their own way of enjoying it. For some people it’s about long walks or cycle rides through the beautiful landscape, for others it’s about finding a quiet spot to sit down and just breathe in the sights and sounds of nature. No matter how you enjoy it, please help us protect our precious wildlife and landscapes by leaving no trace of your visit.

For ideas and inspiration check out the links below or drop into one of our National Park Centres:

For further inspiration check out these suggested routes from Visit Exmoor and tourism partners:

What should I bring?

Sudden changes in the weather are a part of Exmoor’s charm, so always expect the unexpected and pack accordingly. Sturdy footwear, a waterproof layer and suncream or a hat can all be useful things to take with you for a day out in the countryside.

And it goes without saying that you should take home anything you do bring with you, including all litter and dog poo, which can be hazardous to wildlife and grazing livestock. Our out and about essentials page has all the information to help you enjoy your day safely.

Some food and drink providers have now reopened on Exmoor with strict government restrictions in place. If in doubt, please ring ahead and don’t assume places will be open or have space available to cater for you.

How can I make my visit more environmentally friendly?

Exmoor National Park Authority has declared a Climate Emergency meaning we’re committed to urgent action on climate change. We’ve put together these simple steps that everyone can follow, both at home and away, to help reduce their environmental impact and live more sustainably.