Sea Kayaking

sea kayaking

Some of the most spectacular parts of Exmoor are along its 35 miles of coastline, many of which are inaccessible by foot. Sea kayaking can open up a whole new world of possibilities, and allow you to discover the beauty of Exmoor from the quiet of the sea. However, the impressive tidal range of the Bristol Channel can make taking to the water incredibly dangerous. It is vital that when out to explore on the water, you have a thorough understanding of the tides, the weather, and have the skills to avoid getting in to trouble. Take a look the RNLI's tips on staying safe when sea kayaking.

Never venture out on the sea alone. There are some brilliant activity providers on Exmoor who can supply you with local knowledge of the sea, as well as guided trips of the coastline to get the most out of your trips.

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