Trail Running

Trail running

Exploit the fantastic paths network of Exmoor National Park to your advantage and escape the pounding of pavements. With over 1000 km of footpaths and bridleways, trail running on Exmoor is the perfect place to enjoy more than just a stunning backdrop. We have a varied terrain of open moorland, steep woodland combes, and miles of coast path to enjoy, allowing you to revel in the beautiful scenery and test your mettle at the same time. 

There are paths and routes for all abilities. Whether you are looking to ease your joints with a soft springy track, or sharpen your reactions with a rocky incline. The OS Explorer map for Exmoor is a useful start to discovering paths to run. The terrain and weather on Exmoor can be unpredictable, make sensible decisions and be aware of other path users. 

If you would like to find other people to run with, as well as accessing some great trails, there are many keen running groups on Exmoor. Our landscape all lends itself to testing your endurance, and plays hosts to a number of running events too.

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