Wild Camping and camper vans

Camping Exmoor National Park

Wild Camping and roadside parking of Camper vans on Exmoor

Camping, caravans and campervans are welcome in Exmoor National Park but only with landowner permission.

The majority of the land in the National Park is privately owned and, as with any part of England and Wales, you have to get the landowners' permission before camping or parking up a camper van overnight – no matter how remote the location may seem.

The terms “Open Access land”, “CRoW land” and “Common land” do not confer that there is any public right to camp. The Countryside and Rights of Way Act (2000) explicitly excludes camping as a right in its legislation.

Information about legitimate camping and caravan sites on Exmoor can be found here:

Fires, campfires and BBQs

Fires are allowed at some recognised camp sites but should not be used elsewhere.

Uncontrolled fires are easily started and the risk of starting fires on peaty moor and heathland is very high, even in winter.

Accidental fires can cause serious damage to habitats, wildlife, property and the very landscape people come here to enjoy so please exercise extreme care when using barbeques.

Enjoy your visit and please follow the Countryside Code