How might climate change influence flood management in the future

Over the UK, there's growing evidence that heavy rainfall events are getting more frequent. This fits in with scientist’s understanding of the fundamental physics of a warming world - warmer air carries more moisture, which means that rain falls in heavier bursts.

Global precipitation forecast

One expectation therefore of climate change during the remainder of this century is that we should expect more frequent southerly storm events such as what occurred during the winter of 2013 – 2014. Scientists do not necessarily expect the total amount of rain which we receive to increase rather that it will be likely to fall in more intensive episodes.  Alongside this it is probable that over the next 80 years or so the UK will experience more prolonged dry periods which may develop into droughts from time to time.

Consolidate your thinking

Look at the links below and consider what the implications of this could be for the community of Lynmouth, given that 50 years ago there was no awareness of how weather and climate patterns would change so quickly during the 21st century.

If you were advising the Environment Agency as to how it might respond to the likely effects of climate change in terms of planning for the future at Lynmouth, what would you recommend?

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