Explore the Shore

This resource pack has been developed for KS2 teachers and educators working in Exmoor to support teaching and outdoor learning. It contains a selection of information sheets, quizzes, games and activities for use on the shore, in the classroom or on school grounds. Many activities include suggestions for‘extended learning’ activities and questions to discuss as a class or with individual students. An answer sheet is also provided at the end of the pack. Although these are available for free for you to use. Why not book a seashore explorer session with us to take advantage of our knowledge and facilities, including our amazing video microscope.

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Please feel free to print and use these resources. These resources have been developed as part of the Shore-search Exmoor Project. Shore-search Exmoor was a partnership project from 2013-2015 between Devon Wildlife Trust and Somerset Wildlife Trust, with the support and funding of the Exmoor National Park Partnership Fund.

Introduction to Seashore Explorers

Find out what this amazing resource has to offer. Introduction includes map and seashore coder.

The Resource Pack

19 great activities to support learning, from marine food chains to the anemone game.


Exmoor has some of the most extreme tides in the world. How do tides work? And why don't spring tides only happen in spring?


Not everywhere on the shore is the same. Find out why and where to look for what.